Chronology of Islamic Azad University, East Tehran Branch


Islamic Azad University, East Tehran Branch (Ghiamdasht) is located 18 kilometers east of Tehran in Ghiamdasht town, Tehran district 15. Ghiamdasht town is located in Khavaran district and according to the Census of Iran, its population is100396 (20781households).

The University Background

This university institution was established by the Board of Trustees of Islamic Azad University under the title of East Tehran Branch on February 23, 2000  and started its activity in 2001 as an educational center under the supervision of Tehran Center Branch, admitting 400 students in social sciences and physical education fields. At first, this activity began in a two-storey building in Ghiamdasht town with no proper educational and official space and continued with the admission of more students later in the following years by renting some parts of the materials market within 3 km of Afsariyes Street.

      Thanks to the support of the Honorable ex-President of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Jasbi, as well as Civil vice president of Central Tehran Branch and the other university members in charge, the institution was established in an area as large as 54 Hectares since 2003, and its plan was prepared by specialists and experts of Civil Deputy of Islamic Azad University, Central organization. The construction of phase 1 began with 5,000 square meters in two floors with steel frame and stone structure and all the design and implementation phases were completed in less than a year. Phase 1 was opened on August 17, 2004 by the Honorable Dr. Jasbi, ex-President of Islamic Azad University. Simultaneous with the opening of Phase 1, the construction of Phase 2 complex began in 2004. This phase covers an area of ​​7,000 square meters in four and a half floors with 50 classrooms, workshops, libraries, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, a buffet, and a publication center to be used for educational and research purposes with more than 20,000 square meters of green space around completed in 2009. Construction of workshops and laboratories, gymnasium, and multifunctional sports complex of the university started since 2007 and during one year (2010-11), the University Faculty of Engineering was established.

Current Situation

The university is now granted “very large rank” in a 54-hectare site in the east of Tehran with more than 53,000 square meters of roofed space, 5,000 square meters of laboratory and workshop space and 12900 square meters of sports space, with 198 faculty members, 500 adjunct professors (visiting professors), 178 administrative and service personnel, more than 12300 active students, 4 colleges with 103 fields of study up to doctoral degrees, as well as an equipped central library, health and counseling center, nano-renewable energy growth center with 4 technology units and active student associations including ‘the Robotics Association’ with several patents. This academic institution with a variety of educational, research, culture and knowledge- based strategies and programs portrays a fundamentally clear vision for the higher education and academic development and expansion.