1. Managing the university educational affairs.

2. Supervising the implementation of rules and regulations considering the course syllabuses and educational instructions issued by the central organization of the university.

3. Forming the educational council of the university.

4. Planning academic affairs and supervising their proper implementation.

5. Examining the proposals received from the educational groups or affiliated faculties and reflecting them to the academic council of the accompanying university.

6. Participating in the university councils in case and with previous invitation and presenting opinions, suggestions and possible failures in the council.

7. Reviewing and evaluating the educational activities of the faculties and preparing a report for the president of the university.

8. Guiding the personnel of the vice presidency in order to increase the quality of their educational services and evaluate their work and reflect the result to the president of the university for inclusion in their employment records for further promotions.

9. Evaluating the educational performance of students in each semester and its reflection in the records and introducing the first to third people in rank to use the relevant advantages/bonuses.

10. Evaluating the educational performance of instructors and faculty members in coordination with the relevant academic groups, determining the superior ones and introducing them to the board of directors.

11. Reviewing and commenting on educational issues that are referred by higher authorities.

12. Reviewing and proposing the establishment/ elimination of fields of study in different academic degrees along with the reasons considering the hierarchy.

13. Reviewing and presenting constructive suggestions in order to improve the quality of academic affairs in the university and other university branches considering the hierarchy.

14. Preserving and maintaining the educational records of students from the beginning to graduation and classifying them in the order of academic years, fields of study and academic level in the archives of the university in a way that they can be presented at any time.

15. Matching the books and pamphlets presented by the faculty members with the texts mentioned in the approved syllabuses.

16. Guiding and instructing students in academic affairs to prevent any failure in their education during their studies with the cooperation of academic groups.

17. Supervising the transfers and student guests in such a way that there is no negative effect on the students' education process.

18. Managing and directing the academic affairs department within the framework of approved policies, regulations and rules and establishing coordination between managements and subordinate departments.

19. Cooperating with colleges and academic groups and establishing coordination between colleges and affiliated departments.

20. Preparing and arranging academic programs and supervising their implementation.

21. Annual evaluation of the academic educational vice presidency department  and reporting to the president of the university.