Vice Presidency Goals


Vice Presidency Goals:

1- Prioritizing the cultural and social policies of the university with regard to the cultural and social priorities of the country, including the comprehensive scientific roadmap of the country, the strategic document of the country in the affairs of elites, the document of Islamization of universities and the cultural engineering map of the country.

2- Expanding religious knowledge and insights and promoting Islamic beliefs and values ​​in the university environment.

3- Creating a suitable platform for cultural communication between students and professors in order to explain cultural and social issues and resolve ambiguities by professors in classrooms and deepen students' cultural and social insights.

4- Promoting moral health and mental vitality among students and professors in the university environment by the establishment of cultural activities.

5- Promoting the level of scientific, religious and Quranic knowledge of students.

6- Clarifying religious doubts and questions of the students by cultural guidance.

7- Finding practical solutions to apply religious elements in daily and academic life.

8- Providing the essentials for publication of scientific, cultural and social research studies.

9- Providing creative and innovative grounds for the benefit, consensus and cooperation of expertized professors and clerics in the field of cultural and social affairs in the university.

10- Creating the necessary and appropriate platform for engaging students and faculty members in the field of cultural and Quranic research activities.