An Introduction to the Faculty of Humanities


An Introduction to the Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities was established in 2004, as the first independent Faculty of Islamic Azad University-East Tehran Branch and started its academic activities independently.  Faculty of Humanities has different educational departments including: Accounting, Management, Psychology, Law, Sports Science, Social Communication Sciences, Islamic Science (Theology) and Children’s Literature. The Faculty presents aforementioned academic disciplines in the form of Associate, B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs. The Faculty currently continues its academic and educational activities with its 55 faculty members. Moreover, it has 5000 students in different academic disciplines attending different programs. The Faculty attempts to expand its educational and research capacities and additionally tries to produce knowledge and wisdom relying on the experiences and expertise of its academic members in various fields of the Humanities. Furthermore, the Faculty strives to educate creative, competent and committed students who are qualified for undertaking varying roles in different parts of industry, in governmental and private agencies and qualified for answering any challenges facing their countries.

Currently, the Faculty of Humanities offers a wide range of disciplines in full-time/part-time formats with and/or without admissions exam:

Associate Programs: Accounting, Sports Science and teacher training;

Continuous B.A.  Programs: Accounting, Business Administration, Financial Management, Psychology, Law, Jurisprudence & Islamic Law, Sports Science, Public Relations, Journalism, Social Planning & Cooperation;

Discontinuous B.A. Programs: Accounting, Registration Law, Teacher Training for Physical Education & Sports Science;

M.A. Programs: Financial Management, Accounting, Auditing, Physical Education & Sports Science, Social Communication Sciences, Cultural Studies & Media, The Sociology of Islamic Revolution, Social Science Research, Women's Studies, Children’s Literature;

Ph.D. Programs: Communication Studies.